Our third and final product is research journals and fictional ebooks. We have a talented team of researchers. We do research on random topics about history and science. We will publish our work as a journal of articles. This won’t be monthly. Initially we will publish it in an irregular order. We are also aiming to publish fictional ebooks. We’ll share updates in a few weeks. If you’re interested in having updates about our progress you can subscribe to our newsletter. Scroll down to subscribe.

insufficient data analytics, decrement of quality content, lackings of doubt solve feature and proper guidelines and most importantly students being so dependent are such serious problems which need to be fixed. As the world is going towards the fourth industrial revolution, so many new technologies have been invented in the last decade. Our research about those advanced technologies suggests some applications that might be implemented in this field to solve the problems mentioned above. We’re building both academic and skill development courses using the applications of Machine Learning, blockchain, MANIM and interactive 2D/3D learning materials.

Therefore we founded “Alipher Butane” , a new edtech company. The team of Alipher Butane are aimed to solve the problems, make online learning accessible for anyone and create a new revolution across the country. We will share updates in the next couple of months since we’re still doing a lot of research and trying to make the best ever courses.




Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future

Alison Bubble is a tech company in bangladesh. We are building such products for people to make their lives easier and more secure. Along with 4 other companies we are researching and developing 3 different kinds of products. Our first wing is edtech. Due to the recent covid-19 pandemic situation, the online education industry is growing very fast in bangladesh. Many renowned edtech companies in our country have raised millions of dollars from international investors. Which is very important for our economic development. But we’ve researched during the last few years about the edtech ecosystem of bangladesh and found so many problems remain unsolved in this field.

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Our future goal about Alison Bubble is another interesting story. In the future we want to develop applications for people and businesses with fine-tuned AI models. We know that AI is creating a revolution. So we just want to use it in order to benefit the businesses in various ways such as marketing, data analytics and business analysis. We are also trying to find applications of Blockchain technology that can be implemented on data security and in building decentralized communication channels. Our ultimate plan is to work with the most advanced technology that has been ever invented in the history of mankind and to solve the crucial social problems across the world. We have a dream to make a better world in both technology and social perspectives for the future generation.

Hence we have founded “MetaBaryon” as our streaming platform through which we’ll share historical and scientific research based explanations and documentary series, podcasts and journals so that our subscribers will learn and entertain simultaneously. Our main goal for MetaBaryon is to build a new platform where people get to know the truth that has been hiding from them for many years. Our major genres are history, science, technology, psychology, business and culture. MetaBaryon is in experimental state right now. We hope that we can officially launch it in the second quarter of 2024. Every series and podcasts of MetaBaryon will be produced by our production studio “Fermind Studios”.


Our second wing is very interesting. which is, in simple words, a streaming platform. This is kinda like Netflix but for a different genre of content. We all are aware of how the taste of TV shows and movies have changed in the last couple of years. Some streaming platforms across the world are leading this field for all genres and all kinds of languages out there. But something is going wrong. We are noticing that almost every streaming platform is spreading some kind of western propaganda and bad mindsets through their contents which have a lot of negative side effects for our mental health and moral characteristics.